The Challenge

Our objective was to energize and focus William Paterson’s brand in order to elevate the university’s reputation and differentiate it amongst a crowded market of college options in New Jersey. The brand needed to sustain over five years, and we had to develop a media campaign that would help drive increased enrollment among undergraduate and graduate students right away starting in year one.

The Insight

William Paterson students have an overwhelming will to succeed, and the university gives them the power to achieve that success - through tenets of Civic Engagement, Hands-On Internship Experience, Outstanding Faculty Support and Top-Notch Research Facilities.

The Solution

Fuseideas developed a new brand platform called “Will. Power.” with the idea that “If you have the WILL, we’ll give you the POWER.” The Fuseideas media team was able to negotiate premium out-of-home, radio and print placements while leveraging a strong digital media strategy to augment limited media dollars in a competitive NYC media market.

Year one saw an uptick of 72% increase in admissions inquires, a 40% increase in enrollment and an 18% increase in freshman yield. As for the Will. Power. brand? Well, it’s Year 8. In fact, last year, William Paterson developed a new first year student program called “Will. Power. 101” which was named after the brand platform – a testament to the strong and lasting nature of the Will. Power. brand.

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