Vermont Lottery

Winter Games

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The Challenge

Classic Vermont winters are a picture-postcard, wonderful time of year, but not if you’re trying to sell Lottery tickets. Coming off busy holiday seasonal promotions, sales at the end of December and throughout January are sluggish so our clients asked us to create messaging that would encourage Vermonters to visit their retailers and play The Winter Games.

The Insight

Playing the Lottery during the cold winter months are a way to have some fun and maybe win some cash. Vermonters could use their winnings to recover from holiday expenses, enjoy their favorite winter activities or just possibly escape to someplace warm. All good reasons to daydream of winning up to $20,000.

The Solution

With our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks, we created a campaign that poked fun at The Winter Games of Vermont. The contestants weren’t skiers or snowboarders, but Lottery players. The right casting for our sports announcer was key because he was on camera most of the time. We got lucky and found a very talented actor whose portrayal was perfect. In fact, the commercial seemed so real we caught the attention of a local broadcast station. They asked us to do a little re-editing to make sure art wasn’t imitating life too closely. We love it when our work gets noticed.

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