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The Challenge

Following several record-level jackpots with Powerball and Megabucks, interest in smaller jackpot games such as the regional TriState Megabucks waned. In the face of “jackpot fatigue” the TriState Lotto needed to find a way to boost lagging sales.

The Solution

Fuseideas developed a strategy that was deceptively simple. Despite the fact that TriState Megabucks winning jackpots were typically just a few million dollars vs. the hundreds of millions of dollars in larger national games, there is one inescapable and meaningful fact that we could create focus on: Megabucks Makes Millionaires. By placing the focus on this experience, we rendered the number of millions won irrelevant.

The Insight

In examining the fact that TriState Megabucks does make millionaires (In fact, 300 in the past 3 decades!), we realized that in every case there was a moment when each person first recognized that they had won. From this, we developed a campaign based on that magic moment.


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