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The Challenge

Bring a big city to small screens—while keeping its verve and vibrancy intact. As Miami’s Digital Agency of Record, we were tasked with building a web platform that can showcase every single diverse thing there is to do in Miami, and still tell a unified story. Then, we needed to make sure Miami’s signature “Found in Miami” narrative stood out. And THEN, we had to make sure we got eyes on it.

The Solution

Break out our pastel blazers, put on some shades, and create something amazing. An elegant back-end solution and mobile first design combined with lead generation opportunities and institution of Miami’s first “Content Bureau” was a good start. Then we added in innovative personalization options, a comprehensive content management system, a wide-reaching SEO strategy, and CRM for days to take a city that was already on the map and make it pulse, light up, turn neon pink and shine like a disco ball. Welcome to Miami.

The Insight

Every trip to Miami is different. This site uses breakthrough tech to let people change the experience based on their preferences and make it their own.