What We Believe

Fuseideas was founded on the belief that technology, media, and changing consumer behavior create challenges that at time can feel insurmountable.   Navigating these changes with limited budgets and steep competition make your job harder than ever before.

You can't afford to rely on the status quo and it's not in your job description. You need an agency partner that understands this and is going to help you navigate the challenges ahead. Meet Fuseideas.

Leader Access

You ever hear of a pitch team? That's a collection of an agency's slickest and most eloquent presenters. They go from new business pitch to new business pitch shaking hands, kissing babies and assuring you that your account is in their every waking thought. And then... you never see them again. We don't play that game at Fuseideas. The team you meet is the team you get. Always.


Fuseideas has been shaking things up since the day we opened our doors. We were the first to create branded MySpace and YouTube channels and we were early adopters of Twitter and Google Glass as promotional mediums. But, we don’t jump at every new invention like a cat chasing a laser pointer. We test and evaluate everything before we recommend implementing it into your marketing campaign.


People change. So, the trends, behaviors and technology that your target embraces today may be left by the wayside tomorrow. That’s why we constantly reassess executions, budget distribution, channels and processes to help our clients adapt their brand to an ever-changing world. It’s also why we can’t leave the house without changing our outfit three times.


We don’t write a headline, design a banner, outline a buy or plan a campaign without plunging deep into the data that will inform our strategic approach. Nothing can replace instinct and experience, but analytics, competitive analysis and social listening tools give us a better picture of the landscape and allow us to find the opportunities that others might miss.

The following is a breakdown of all services we offer.
Some you may be familiar with and others you may not even know you need.
The good news is that we're freakin’ amazing at all of them.

  • Client Service

    Everything we do is grounded in great relationships. Which is why we married Project management and Account management in an intimate ceremony just outside the break room. So now our PMs handle the day-to-day while our account folks tackle the big picture. It's a match made in suit heaven.

  • Brand Strategy

    This is equal parts Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Brand Platform and Single Malt Scotch. Mix them well and you've got powerful and differentiating campaigns. Mix them poorly and you've wasted some good scotch.
  • Creative

    Fueled by caffeine and other natural substances, we come up with the ideas that make brands stand out and consumers fall in love. And we do it all incredibly fast. Hence, the natural substances.
  • Digital Strategy & Website Engineering

    Some of our team were born with propellers on their heads. Building complex websites, mobile apps, and Facebook games is only a small part of what we do. There's also that Ultimate Frisbee tournament we organize every year.
  • Media Planning & Buying

    We have a full understanding of how each media channel works and how it fits into our purchasing mix. Which means a whole lot of people want to take us out to lunch.
  • Social Media

    We have a lot of friends and so should you. But it’s more than friends, it’s what you talk about at your party. We help you tell the best stories so people like you more.
  • Experiential Marketing

    We create opportunities for our brands to engage and interact with consumers on a more personal level. It's not as creepy as it sounds. Really.
  • Analytics

    The ability to track and measure a consumer's journey to conversion across all mediums and devices is frighteningly accurate way to gauge the success of a marketing effort. We have a proprietary dashboard to help you do this. Let's hope NSA doesn't get their hands on this.

Meet Our Team

You can't "crush the 'quo" without a team of problem solvers who know how to overcome any challenges. Strategists, creatives, media, technologists and all around "MacGyvers", they're fun, and don't take themselves too seriously!

Check out our class pictures!
We'll sign your yearbook if you sign ours.


  • Person



    Just over ten years ago, after working with RDW Group as Partner and SVP, Dennis struck out on his own. Thus, was born Fuseideas; a rule-breaking, difference-making kind of agency. Over the years we’ve continued to grow by focusing on innovation and client satisfaction. Ironic, considering Dennis started his career playing by the book as a United States Air Force officer.

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    Executive Vice President

    John Cimperman brings over 25 years of sports marketing, media, and brand activation experience to Fuseideas. John unique background includes working both client and agency side, including head of marketing for four professional sports franchises and North America’s fifth largest cable operator. Most importantly, John has built a strong reputation for creativity, innovation, and accountability in the marketing industry.

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    Executive Creative Director

    Over the past 20 years, Justin’s passion for design, technology, typography and photography has brought him to the leading edge of digital advertising. He earned his chops creating award-winning digital and integrated work for Bank of America, General Motors, Saturn, Procter & Gamble, Staples, Subway, New Balance, ESPN, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity, and BCBS. His work has been honored at Cannes, in Communications Arts, and at the Hatch Awards. With his camera never far away, Justin loves to travel, surf, snowboard, bike, and patiently teach others how to spell and pronounce his last name.

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    Glenn has a successful track record of starting, growing and selling successful digital agencies. At Fuseideas, he's currently focused on the growing part. Surprising fun fact about Glenn: He has never been in prison. As far as we know.

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    VP of Business Development

    With more than 19 years of experience from Philadelphia to Pile + Company, Justin’s a certified wiz (technical term) in Integrated marketing, business development and consulting. He’s an entrepreneurial, creative, success-driven leader with a strong commitment to strategic vision, organizational growth, continuous innovation and evolution. In his free time, Justin loves spending time with his family, coaching his sons’ sports teams, and listening to music.

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    EVP Client Services

    Airline pilot, cruise ship captain and local hero. Steve worked with all of them before joining Fuseideas. As a senior executive in the airline, cruise line and state tourism industries, Steve has plenty of stories to tell. Today he helps tell them for our key clients as a lead strategist and account guy.

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    Digital Media Director

    As a director of digital media at Fuseideas, Jon has handled all touchpoints of integrated media campaigns, from market research to post-campaign analysis. Prior to Fuseideas, Jon cut his teeth at the Boston-based media agency Mediastruction, where he gained experience in buying across all media channels, including print, radio, TV, digital and out of home.

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    Director of Media

    Tracie knows TV. And print. And digital. And social. And new mediums that haven’t even been invented yet. Having worked with local, national and network clients for over 30 years, she’s a pro at developing plans and buys to meet any client’s specific needs in an ever-changing media landscape.

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    VP Technology Services

    Don’t call Rich the IT guy, because he’s way more than that. He builds web sites, apps and hosting solutions at the forefront of technology. If code and servers are involved, he’s all over it. He also speaks Czech, which comes in handy since he heads up our Prague office.

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    Director of Agency Operations

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    Account Director

    Rachel provides 15 years of management and leadership experience in all aspects of planning and executing integrated brand and experiential marketing campaigns for key entertainment, CPG, and sports accounts. She is a strategic visionary for event planning and implementing marketing campaigns. She is characterized as ambitious, hands-on team player that brings passion and creativity to every project.

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    Monique is a control freak. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) With over 25 years in public accounting, and industry practice, she’s put her CPA skills to good use with companies of all sizes. Audits, tax returns, financials, accounting, compliance? Monique loves all that stuff. Somebody’s got too, right?

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